Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Child Development Center is to cooperate with parents to nurture the development of enthusiasm, confidence and early life skills that are necessary for each child’s success in school and later life. By working together, we can give your child the affection, encouragement and training that is essential for achievement and fulfillment in coming years.

Our Company

The first Child Development Center (CDC) was established in 1975 by the Psychology Department of Western Michigan University. In 1979 the program was established as a non-profit enterprise operating as part of the Foundation for Behavioral Resources of Augusta Michigan. A primary purpose of the Foundation is the advancement of education. The program has grown such that six CDCs are located in Kalamazoo and Calhoun counties. Each is operated solely for the benefit of the children and families of these counties. All staff and management live locally. We understand local needs and structure our programs accordingly, with parents in a long-term relationship placing our experience and effective teaching methods at their disposal.

Our Program Description

Here at CDC we are dedicated to helping your child develop their skills, abilities, and interests to their maximum potential. Our programs are designed to inspire early learning and to encourage each individual child according to their demonstrated potential. We encourage you to maintain close contact with your child’s teacher and the center director to accomplish these goals.

Our programs support the early preparation and enhancement of emotional, social, physical, intellectual, and educational development. It is our philosophy here at the CDC that each child likes to learn because our staff makes learning fun and carefully praises success.
• Emotional – We provide an attentive, nurturing, safe environment that will meet the needs of each individual child. We encourage creative expression and exploration through hands on experiences. We praise curiosity and the success that results.
• Social – With our learning-center based program, children learn cooperation and creativity. All our centers include art, music, science, and dramatic play. All children receive teachers support, encouragement, and are cultivated to participate in extended activities.
• Physical – All small and large motor skills are developed through age appropriate indoor and outdoor activities. We put emphasis on basic movement, motor skills, and a wide variety of games and sports.

CDC Education

Early Childhood Education is important, which is why the Child Development Centers provides a high quality early learning experience for infants to age 5. The Child Development Centers use the Creative Curriculum in all our programs. This high quality curriculum is a state approved curriculum that provides our teachers innovative, effective resources that empower and inspire them as they teach and care for our youngest learners during their formative years. The Creative Curriculum is a research-based curriculum that allows children to learn through play and intentional experiences.

Special Program

Please remember you are always welcome to drop in to CDC for a visit and to observe our programs.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.